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Photography is my passion! It all started when I picked up my dad’s 35mm film camera during my  High School years.  I have not put the camera down since.  I was shooting landscapes, macro and portraits. I liked it so much that I got into photography course at the university and received a Photojournalism and Photo Advertising Certificate.  I got an award in photo competition “The World through the Eyes of Youth” in 2005.
When I moved to USA, I had no doubts what I wanted to study in college. I received an AAS Degree in Photography and Digital Imaging. Prior to receiving my degree, I’ve never thought there is so much behind photography – so much knowledge, techniques and details. These days with digital cameras it seems easy, but professional photographers knows that it’s much more than just pushing a button. I’m happy that I had a chance to learn from the pros.
I opened my photography studio in 2009. I love working with people and making them happy with my pictures. I capture single special moments and entire stages of people’s lives, photographing all types of portraits – family, new born, maternity, fashion, business head shots, boudoir, engagement sessions, senior pictures and much more. I also shoot different events including, of course, weddings. My first professional photography job was being a second shooter at weddings, so, for me, wedding is the type of photography that I feel I was born to do. I enjoy shooting commercial and fine art photography as well.
In my free time, I like to bike and spend time in the park or the beach (when it’s warm enough in Minnesota.) I travel as much as possible, read, watch (hopefully) good movies and play an acoustic guitar a little. My all times favorite thing to do, though, is to spend time with my husband, our daughter, son and a cat.
Let’s capture your lifetime memories together and, I promise, we’ll have some fun!


Liza  Borodina

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Email:                              Phone:  612-229-0334

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